Vision & Purpose

Our vision is the revelation of Jesus Christ and him crucified with the manifestation of the Kingdom of God to every tribe, tongue and nation. This will by the grace of God be accomplished through equipping the church to know Jesus and creating opportunities to make him know. Our desire is to see the lost saved, the perishing rescued, the sick healed, the demonized set free, and the complacent set on fire for Jesus and his Kingdom. Currently we are disciplining people so that in the future we can disciple nations. Another thing we are currently and intentionally working towards is seeing people who are impoverished set free economically. This will be done as we put people in the developing world into their own business with no strings attached. It is the love of Christ that compels, and his compassion that moves us. We fully believe in feeding the hungry and we are actively doing this in Haiti. However we believe getting them a farm and teaching them how to farm and produce a crop and make a profit is much better. Everything in the Kingdom of God is sustainable. Prayerfully and practically we are working towards more sustainable solutions.

By the grace of God and with your help this vision is becoming reality. Dreams become reality through strong relationships and committed long-term partnerships.

This vision will be executed in these various different expressions.

  • Teaching the church.
  • Open Air preaching.
  • Strategic prayer and worship gatherings. (That include the Isaiah 58 fast)
  • Outreaches to the streets to heal the sick and preach the Kingdom of God.
  • Outreaches to Abortion Clinics to be a voice for those who are appointed to destruction.
  • Audio and Video media. That reaches out to the lost and equips believers to believe Jesus enough to obey him.
  • Writings such as books, articles, blogs and ongoing ministry testimonies.
  • Writings are currently being translated in other languages to help equip Pastors in other nations.
  • Raising funds to put people in the developing world into their own business, so they can come out of poverty and be a blessing to their community. The more Christian business owners there are in the developing world the more the Gospel will advance.