Projects are sustainable solutions. We believe and do feed the hungry. However purchasing land and teaching the hungry to farm, employ others and make a profit so that they can bless others is a much wiser long-term solution to hunger. Please help us change the world and rescue lives in Jesus name. Help us give resources to Pastors, and create economic opportunities to those who are in great need financially. Together in Jesus name we can see his Kingdom come on earth.

Purses for Prostitutes

purse insta

We See Jesus Ministries is looking for donations of new or lightly used purses to bring to Brazil. We would also like to make these purses into care packages by placing items such as: Personal Hygiene, Woman Products, Travel size shampoos and lotions.

Items can be dropped off at our local church: King's Gate Church, 86 Lackawanna Ave, Suite 243, Woodland Park, NJ on Monday nights or Sunday Mornings
Mailed to us at: 31 Werneking Place, Little Ferry, NJ 07643

To donate monetarily click below:

Fathers Love Banquet


We See Jesus Ministries, with your help, is partnering with Shores of Grace Ministries to have a love banquet for prostitutes in Recife, Brazil during our August trip. It will cost us a $1000 USD to feed, bless and show the extravagant love of God. Shores of Grace just opened their 2nd home, which is a home dedicated to help women come off the streets of Brazil.  So this Banquet is a bridge to rescue lives and restore hope.

Amount needed: $0!!! - THIS PROJECT IS COMPLETED

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